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Different things like that today we're going to be discussing a very hot topic will jasmine go to a dollar maybe yes maybe no it has an all-time high of five dollars it currently sits at a penny yeah we're gonna we're gonna look at it today i also have four other cryptocurrencies that i'm bringing you guys today because if you guys are.

Investing time into me then i feel like i should give you guys some good investment opportunities to look at before we do guys i got to do the youtube stuff my new goal is to hit 10 000 subscribers by the end of june it's a big goal but i know with your help and support we can get there and we can knock it out of the park i'll actually.

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The video guys we're going to be looking at quant stamp ticker symbol qsp being a leader in blockchain security qsp has been able to land partnerships with binance chain link ethereum and more when enterprises like that put their faith and trust into your company it's a very good sign while quant stamp provides expert security audits and.

Blockchain solutions it's token qsp which we're currently looking at is used for verifying smart contracts on the decentralized qsp security protocol in my opinion guys this cryptocurrency has earned a spot in the 100x club as you can see with a fully diluted market cap of 45 million dollars with partnerships with.

Binance chain link and ethereum dealing with cyber security i mean the utility is there hands down how long have you guys heard of norton antivirus or mccafe those have been absolute garbage antivirus programs and they have been a staple in the cyber security community since like windows 98 so if you know even if you don't do that much.

Right the fact that you can land those brand deals and every new computer you buy comes with norton or mccafe even though you uninstall it and download avg free it doesn't matter the company's still doing pretty well looking at that fully diluted market cap though i mean we could legitimately see this cryptocurrency 100 x and only be at 4.5.

Billion i mean a 10x to go to 450 million we're still only talking about a cryptocurrency with half a billion market cap or less that is a still a micro cap this is definitely one of those diamond and the rough cryptocurrencies that it seems like has fallen into this weird limbo where.

Retail investors aren't don't seem to be that interested in it but the enterprise and the actual companies backing it are hyper interested in it so that just shows me that there's a lot of fundamental value and intrinsic value in this cryptocurrency as you can see here looking at the three-month chart with a recent high of about nine cents or more.

Um a push past that could take it up to the 13 cent level and anything more than that would start fueling up the rocket as you can see looking at the yearly chart we are experiencing volume in uh the most recent couple weeks that is unprecedented for the history of the cryptocurrency we haven't seen a volume pump like this in a while i don't know.

If it's been a progressive shift out because if you take a look at the total uh market cap of all cryptocurrencies in the world it has dropped substantially since late november when we were capping off that monumental bull run we had since then um you know as the market cap degree decreases people pull out a lot of their money um you know because of.

The fud inflation rates geopolitical tensions everything like that you know the perfect storm that has caused this uh borderline crypto winter we'll call it a crypto autumn right now because we're approaching on it but it's still a little warm sometimes but i don't know if it has the accumulation of investors that have dry.

Powder waiting to strike has increased so you see these big volume pumps or what it is necessarily but i will say that i've noticed with a lot of cryptocurrencies as of recently you've seen very very big volume pumps and when i say very big i mean unprecedented in the history of the cryptocurrency volume pumps volume pumps that have never been.

Seen before you're seeing on a regular occurrence over the last couple weeks things like that would generally not dictate retail volume it would dictate institutional volume and i know there's kind of this war between retail investors and institutional investors but if the institutions are dumping billions into a project i think they are.

More concerned about their money than you dumping in your hundred dollars wendy's check into it next up though we have one of my new favorite if not my new favorite gaming uh content creation type cryptocurrencies which is veracity ticker symbol vra veracity is looking to pave the way for the next generation of video sharing content creation esports.

Events and more using over 200 touch points to ascertain whether or not humans or bots are watching their videos their signature proof of view protocol looks to change the way advertisers view content creation platforms like youtube twitch vimeo and more rewarding viewers creators and.

Advertisers alike veracity.tv looks like a phenomenal project in my opinion and could boom if it sees any major creators move over there i mean imagine if you saw you know headlines say you uh wake up in the morning you open your brave browser you're scrolling through your brave news feed um.

I'm always giving shameless plugs to brave browser and i have absolutely no partnership or endorsement with them so hey bro anyone from brave if you're watching this uh shoot me an email but imagine you're scrolling through your news feed and you see that i don't know names like ninja mr beast maybe some phase clan.

Members or some cloud non-gaming members um were moving over to veracity or just you know inked a deal with veracity i mean when joe rogan inked his deal with spotify everyone on youtube was so upset and where do you hear that now you don't because everyone on youtube started.

Moving everyone who listened to joe rogan on youtube or watched joe rogan on youtube moved over to spotify specifically for joe rogan they like me personally i will say i can say i don't know if many people are like this i downloaded and made it a spotify account specifically for joe rogan's podcast it is literally the only piece of content.

That i listen to on spotify anything and everything outside of that when it comes to podcasts i've listened to on youtube however the amount of audience that joe rogan moving to spotify has drawn to spotify is so beyond worth the 100 million dollars they're paying him keep that in mind i mean you want to talk about youtubers making some money joe.

Rogan inked a 100 million dollar deal with spotify and they signed that like it was going out of style like they were saving money if they're that confident in you know um bringing a hyper star it's not even a superstar he's beyond the realm of that bringing a hyperstar to your platform in that way will draw such a massive audience and.

Put such a big spotlight on your platform that you've never had before and if you have that happen with veracity with any sort of gaming esports i think that's going to be your best bet to see it happen is you see a couple big new games or big new esports events launch on veracity see a couple content creators go there um i mean we could see.

This thing simply go to the moon i have a confession to make guys i'm starting to go through withdrawals from not talking about defy projects it feels like it's been so long since i've mentioned a decentralized finance project and it's probably been like a video and a half if that you guys let me know in the.

Comment section down below but um hey i've been saying it for months now i've called it pretty correctly thus far and uh with projects like drip and things like that just printing people money 2022 looks like the year of decentralized finance hands down at this point the term defy is becoming more overplayed than smells like teen spirit.

However d5 shouldn't suddenly end with a bang unless courtney love is an investor in it allegedly jokes aside though providing a reliable and verifiable bridge between off chain data and on-chain smart contracts dia ticker symbol dia is building an ecosystem for decentralized finance to unite data analysts data users and data providers.

175 million coins total supply under a dollar currently per coin and a 180 million dollar fully diluted market cap need i say more to be realistic here a large pump could see this run as high as two dollars and 30 cents looking at recent levels um when you look at the yearly chart right.

Here you can see this 230 mark is easily attainable and if we push past that we're looking at the next line of resistance at 298 past that we're upwards of five dollars you want to talk about a five times on your money with a reliable d5 play dia is where you should be looking drum roll please introducing.

Arguably the greatest moonshot potential in this video and or on my channel arguably the most popular cryptocurrency by analytics on my channel jasmi coin ticker symbol jasmine looking to jump up to jupiter jasmine is jabbing judgmental jokers joyously jockeying the one cent range in a seemingly inconceivable display of.

Courage the jasmine army is holding strong and watching the volume skyrocket over the past few days trading at almost three times the volume to market cap ratio at any given moment and at the time of this recording as you can see we are currently trading in a 24 hour volume 479 million dollars the market cap of.

Jasmine is 71 million which would mean 6.4 times the value of the project is has been traded in the last 24 hours if you were talking about all of the makings of a huge pump coming up this is definitely at the top of your list with an all-time high of almost five dollars you can see why people love this coin and the potential that this.

Coin brings um being an internet of things cryptocurrency jasmine has plenty of real world utility and value and that's what a lot of people tend to forget whenever they see cryptocurrencies that are in the cent range there's just this blinding like meme coin sheba e new dogecoin effect where people don't really care what it.

Does they just want to throw a couple hundred bucks at it and hopefully that turns into ten thousand that's all they really care about but when you look at a cryptocurrency like jasmine that is in that micro cap range and has that huge moonshot potential it has real world utility because it it isn't a meme coin it isn't something that has really no.

Value outside of memes it is a true internet of things future based cryptocurrency looking at the yearly chart here guys uh not getting too much on the technical analysis we'll skip the astrology for today but um just looking at basic things like the recent highs november 1st you had a recent high of almost 28.

Cents we currently sit at a price of one and a half cents um there really are fewer cryptocurrencies with more energy charged up waiting to explode than jasminecoin i mean this thing is like a creeper from minecraft wandering around waiting for the market to bounce back so it can just absolutely eviscerate and.

Violently combust with a max supply of 50 billion coins the chance of reclaiming that five dollar mark is near impossible this is not going to be me spreading fun i would like to bring you guys as you know information education and better understanding of cryptocurrency this is as real as i can be with you.

This is not fud mongering this is not me hating on the coin i believe jasmine has a lot of potential this is me putting things into perspective like when people say will shiba inu reach a penny or a dollar it is simply impossible for it to hit a dollar if you have any sort of algorithmic math sense if you can do a.

Basic equation you can understand that shiba inu hitting a dollar would make it almost 250 times more valuable than apple yeah like apple the company so for this to hit the five dollar mark um it really is relatively impossible to put this into perspective if jasmine coin were to hit one dollar the market.

Cap would be at 50 billion which at the time of this recording would rank it as the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the entire world sitting between usd coin and xrp that is an incredible leap from ranked 415 to rank six do you see what i mean and that's simply talking about jasmine going to one.

Dollar not five and that is for some reason well not for some reason the reason being the all-time high for jasmine was like 4.99 so when people see that they just think that's reachable that's feasible it's reasonable and it's not it's simply not for it to hit five dollars a coin would require a 250.

Billion dollar market cap that might not sound like a lot for any stock market investors but looking at cryptocurrency that would put it as the third highest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap just so you can attempt to fathom the growth that jasmine would have to go through to hit five dollars a coin.

For a 250 billion dollar market cap to be achievable by jasmine that would be higher than dogecoin polka dot avalanche solana cardano luna xrp and bnb combined that being said jasmine is in no way dead just be realistic so you guys know what.

You're aiming for when you're shooting for the stars i mean if you're shooting for the stars and end up in the clouds it's not a fail but if you're aiming at the stars but your barrel is pointed at the ground you know you might want to adjust your scope coming back on the positive side we could see jasmine 10 to 15x as soon.

As we see any overall market health um a 10 to 15x is nowhere out of the realm of possibility when you look at the market cap and when you take into consideration the fact that a 10 to 15x isn't good enough for some people when it comes to jasmine coin it just shows that um kind of nonsensical greed we have as humans and.

We we always want more especially in western civilization it's just you know it's a it's a gift and a curse it you know allows us to strive for greatness and never be satisfied but at the same time it almost makes it so we're always uncomfortable and we always feel like we need more deserve more if you can get a 10x or a 15x on any.

Cryptocurrency right now that is like screenshot worthy let alone 100x or a 500x or whatever they're freaking telling you that jasminecoin is going to do just please be realistic guys um if the pot with the popularity of the internet of things cryptocurrencies continuing jasminecoin really does look like an excellent long-term hold maybe.

10 years down the road it'll go to a dollar maybe 50 years down the road it will reclaim that five dollar mark other than that will jasmine go to a dollar or five dollars most likely not but at a you know a penny and a half right now the chance of growth to even reach 30 cents is ridiculous coming off of an s-tier logo ranking and arguably my.

Favorite crypto logo in the world those have nothing to do with anything we're talking about today however it's still a title that engine coin holds uh ticker symbol enj and um engine coin this is without question one of the most criminally undervalued projects in the entire market looking at the chart just a.

Little bit here um besides the free fall and quick correction it had here on you know february 24th keep in mind this started on the 23rd and was already corrected by the 24th so this massive free fall was very that was a flash in the pan in the worst way and definitely scared off a lot of people as you can see this huge volume.

Pump that is either a bunch of people buying in or a bunch of people panic selling or most likely both other than that though it has shown a very strong support line throughout all of these uh macro economic tensions in the world um we can see the dollar thirty support line has held very very well.

Repetitively um the jackhammer is hit it a few times and the cement is not cracking so that shows very good light outside of that quick free fall but you know we did we hit 120 so take into consideration if you're looking at a support line to get in at engine coin on and you're saying 130 you could have a stop loss set or an idea in.

Your mind for your you know risk management um to get out at 120. if you get in at 130 and you get out at 120 when you're looking at the basement if 130 is your floor and 120s the basement that's a really good um risk to reward ratio especially when you're looking at an all-time high of engine coin of uh you know 470 um closing it on five.

Dollars the risk to reward which is always positively correlated is definitely uh in your favor in that sense with a billion coins in its max supply hard capped and 87 of that already in circulation um seeing this run to seven to ten dollars by the end of the year is more probable than most think in my opinion i think engine.

Engine coin's true fundamental value is right around the two to three dollar mark i think this is hands down there's almost no better agita adjective for engine coin at this moment than undervalued criminally this thing is on discount it's on clearance for no good reason they messed up the price tag and now you need to pick it up before they.

Realize their mistake not financial advice personally and i'll say this just so you don't fomo into this i'm gonna wait i'm gonna wait and see if we do see a test of that 120 support just because i know engine is worth a lot more than this so i'm not worried that if i don't get in at 130 i'm not.

Worried about getting in at 160 170 um anything like that if i can get in to engine coin under two dollars that's a good buy long term in my opinion however i'm gonna wait and see um if everything going on in the world right now in europe and things like that uh can send this down to test that 120 support line again and if we do and that.

120 holds strong uh that's definitely that's definitely going to be an indicator to strike and when i strike at that 120 price my engine coin bag is going to run up faster than gas prices in america right now that's going to be everything for the video today guys i hope you guys enjoyed um went over some different cryptocurrencies that should.

Have huge pops once this market regained some health um i tried to give some really positive cryptocurrencies that i think should do very well long term all of these should and i wanted to answer a lot of the uh more i guess touchy questions on jasminecoin uh the same used to be said about shiba inu and um i mean i'll tell.

You right now shiva you know will literally never go to a dollar i will put every penny of money i'll ever earn for the rest of my life on the fact that shibuyinu will never hit a dollar for it at a dollar it would need like a 549 trillion dollar market cap which is bigger than like i don't know i mean.

It's like 500 times the whole entire crypto market right now combined so it's you know that's that's out of the question but i wanted to answer some of those questions with jasminecoin will it hit a dollar will jasminecoin hit five dollars different things like that and give you guys some different cryptocurrencies too um i always like to.

Break it down and give you guys a few different cryptos to look at that's what that way there's no pumps obviously i'm not a big enough youtube channel yet but um at some point a lot of youtube channels like alex becker he'll mention that he specifically goes over quite a few cryptocurrencies in his videos so he doesn't just review one or two and you.

See a huge youtube pump off of that um that's way down the road for me but i still like to you know keep this mindset uh going have a good plan in place and give you guys some real some good information and education because if i give you that guys that confidence it'll create the confidence and uh in your investments other than that guys make.

Sure to hit the like button hit the subscribe button hit the join button which is brand new if you want to be a become a true supporter of the channel uh a true clay's coins family member and you can help uh pave the way for one of the fastest growing channels on youtube so put a flex emoji in the comment section down below if you like the video.

As you know other than that guys stay safe stay hydrated take care of yourselves have a great day you

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