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I want to find a ukrainian wife because i wantto find a wife who will stay at home not work dedicate herself to our children and will bemy full-time wife my name is natalie cavall i'm an international matchmaker with hundreds ofhappily married couples all over the world and i want to talk about working moms and um careersand families and how to combine one and another the thought came to me from numerousconsultations with my clients and by the way the link to my private consultationis in the description to this video you can learn more about what a matchmaker can dofor you and whether ukrainian woman is is for you in the description to this video pleasefollow the link read more and come to the matchmaker consultation if this issomething that will help you understand.

Your powers in getting the love of your life butnow we are talking about working moms and whether ukrainian women want to work they want to takecare of the home and how they see their future and the big inspiration for making this video wasa book that i read it's called why mommy drinks by jill sims british author and i was laughingmy guts off reading the book uh because it speaks about working moms and it describes the phenomenaof a working mom and even though the author is a british lady she is describing exact same issueswe are going through as working moms in ukraine so i want to talk about this universal phenomenaof a working woman and just discuss it hear your questions um start the dialogue about a workingmom and and maybe i will write another video in talking about this and maybei will even invite more women.

Into a speaking club to talk about working momsand how they see combining uh a job and family and what can be done to solve the problem sowhat is the problem the problem is the following i said when a woman is working she is and she hasa family basically she has two jobs she has to tie herself to two big and important um mattersof her life if she's got children then these are three important matters for life being thejob the husband and family and the child when a man is married nowadays men are switchingmore into raising their kids which is a great plus but creating the family atmosphere caringabout family thinking about the family chores is historically considered a woman's job so we arenot equal in this respect plus women are taking it personally as well they think we think we thinkthat as women keeping the family and making the.

Family happy is our job and then comes the troublebecause the job requires strong structure and a lot of masculine energy dedicating there and whenwe are focusing on the job many of us are bringing that home and we start bossing our guys and one ofguys is alpha he hates that and that is the reason of lots of divorces because woman cannot switchfrom job to family another problem is that um the responsibility and the money making some menare thinking that if the woman is making the money then she has to bring her input into the familybecause she earns the money yes i agree with it but this works when you're both the sameage when you get married in your early years before you are 30 and this is the whole lifethat you're building together so you put your breaks she puts her bricks and you builtthe house and then you are mixing and you're.

Mingling with each other and you become onewhole being which is your family but it is a big art a big art of personal growth ofunderstanding of honesty in communication and willingness to do that in themodern world it's very easy to move fast to divorce to stop relationship because in theconsumer society we we move so quickly that ah whatever tomorrow is another girl tomorrow'sanother guy we we don't pay attention to this so men want the woman to bring money in we do thatwe bring the money in but then we need to be equal if you are more than 10 years older than sheis you are not equal she is expecting more of your financial support and more of your statusand you can use that status more if you are older that goes without saying and when you're olderyou have more life experience you have more.

Uh knowledge on how to live life and you arenot equal when you are a foreigner it is not equal because when you are bringing a girl intoyour country she cannot make money unless she has some online project and so but this is likevery rare that her job allows her to work or earn money anywhere in the world but then womenare thinking okay uh if why do i need a man now women are thinking why do i need a man if i needto pay my own bills and if i need to to pay money into it one girl was giving me a feedback thatshe met a guy and she was so attracted to him and he told her you need to give me 500 euro when weare family so we can afford a family wait a moment it's fine but why do i need you if i need to payyou to be part of your family traditionally we follow traditional family values we try to connectthem with modern days and the consumer society but.

Traditionally this is the man who is taking careof the woman brings the woman into his life and they learn and grow together and they move forwardtogether then she can strengthen his wealth she can inspire him she can give him more power toearn more because when we are together we have a reason to achieve we have a reason to be better wehave a reason to stick together which are our kids which are our obligations and our life togetherand then we become richer we become stronger so um women are now thinking like if i have topay for all myself what do i win having a family and it's another dilemma of a consumer societybecause people are looking at this matter only from the financial point of view which disconnectspeople and has less chance of creating a family which may be a goal now with theoverpopulated world but knowing that.

Uh we need to pay attention to that as well rightso the next thing is a working woman is uh always like like a dog running between three firestrying to to combine all together and when we are having that guilt complex basically british womenhave the same guilt complex as ukrainian women which is written in the book in such a funny wayis that when you are dedicating your time to work you are guilty that you are deprivingyour children of your time and you are not giving enough to your children whenyou are dedicating your time to children and become a stay-at-home mom then youare not having your self-realization but the modern society is requiring everybody toself-realize you have to achieve your goals you have to get a mission in your life andyou have to complete this mission in your life.

But a work of a housekeeper or a momit's been calculated uh what it costs and roughly it's like the salary of like ain american standards like 80 000 a year equivalent of uh if you hired somebody to doeverything that you are requiring from wife who does not work that's 80 000 equivalent per yearbut the woman is having inner struggle uh thinking like i'm not realizing myself and i'm having allthese life potential all this education and i have to give it up and i can't solve this dilemma i canonly talk about this that it exists and uh there are solutions for for this like temporary issuesbecause in general ukrainian women like to work they are capable intellectually capable of holdingvery high posts and this is what they do the women that are coming to me are really accomplishedwomen who hope that they can combine together.

Having a family and giving birth tochildren to their careers and some of them are actually successfully doing thatbut initially they need emotional physical and financial support of a guy that is bringingher over to another country and giving her another side of social life and realization in thesocial life that she will be missing when uh she is um moving abroad and i can make thisvideo endless because the subject is really dear to me as well because having three childrenand raising three children i know what it is and i have been through the guilt complex of dedicatingtoo much time to work and missing it with children did now with the quarantine and with the onlineeducation i was dedicating a lot of time to child but a lot of work tasks were missingand i can see that it is a real problem and.

I can only wonder what a woman feels likewhen the only thing that she can do is dedicating the time to children it's very verycomplicated nowadays only focusing on the child isn't enough we need more we need we needsocial life and uh we need a partner to help us with that and help us realize that andfind an individual solution for your partner and in your family to do that but some people wantto create family and already get it happen for example i want a wife to work i want her to bring500 euro to the family i want her to earn uh 1 500 a month so she can pay for her insurance andi want her and i want that now it won't happen because an immigrant isn't legally allowed to workand you need to find the way how she will work in order to bring that let me remind you thatit is a process it is a step-by-step process.

You cannot put this as the requirement to a womanwhen you are beginning the relationship because it will fail because the girl was like why do i needto get married then i'm living this life here let me remind you that actually we marry for love andwe stay because we love each other we stay because we can agree with all the pros and cons of eachother's personality and expectations and and and unfolds that we have we just accept them becausebecause we love each other because we have that emotional connection you can't build an emotionalconnection when you're saying to go you must do x y and z oops doesn't work so um talking more aboutit we can do because this is a very individual matter and we can address it together either on mymatchmaking consultation if you have an existing girlfriend and you want to talk about it and youwant uh to use professional expertise with 25.

Years of business experiences in matchmaking youcan order my matchmaking consultation and you can get the link in the description to this video ifyou want to learn if a ukrainian wife is for you come to the matchmaking boutique possible registerwith a website get a matchmaker consultation with me and then we will move forward with it andi will help you choose the best uh service strategy and service plan to get you therei'm interested in creating a family this is my calling i live because i support traditionalfamily values and every match that happens makes me one more little bit closer to godthat's my belief and i want you to be there too so thank you for watching this video andwelcome to the matchmaking boutique boss
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