What is going on youtube hannah back making another brand new crypto tv episode in today's video we are going to be looking at xrp a thorium bitcoin as well as the s p 500 specifically in today's video we are going to be looking at the fact that the s p did manage to break yesterday as expected below our bottom support here and you can see this.

Continued to carry the price of the s p all the way down to what could be possibly a february low so we have to discuss the possibility of how much lower are we going to be moving to and what we can expect to happen after that we're also going to be looking at xrp and these other cryptos which are starting to once again complete what.

Could be um the symmetrical triangle here some pretty insane stuff is actually happening within xrp and these other cryptos you can see for right now xrp is starting to close or just starting to trend above our resistance here which is pretty shocking it's finally starting to get the momentum that we're looking for bitcoin for some.

Odd reason has done the exact opposite of the s p which has had a major correction in the past two to maybe three days bitcoin however has bottomed at its bottom support here and managed to shoot up from 38 000 all the way up to 42 000 which is insane it's incredible no it's not a missed opportunity there are still some very.

Strong resistances we are battling right now but this does open up some opportunities in the very near future that we have for the potential possibility of buying in and longing this position if we can continue to carry the onset of moving up higher ethereum as well bouncing off bottom supports here pretty incredible to see.

These kryptos moving up nobody expected these cryptocurrencies to move up but they are so we do have to talk about that as well as the asmp with that being said guys today's video is brought to us by tommy hollenstein as you guys can see here he is an artist and painter he's a paraplegic who is doing nft artwork or is raising money for his own uh business.

As well as charity as you can see here he wants to start his own charity foundation too so very interesting he actually paints his own artwork and then he's creating the artwork into nfts which is unique and i figured that was the main purpose of nfts in the very early beginning of uh you know nft creation that this is what it would be.

Mainly used for and since then we've gone off on tangents and spirals into other things which is super cool but you know this is pretty much the beginning of what entities are so definitely make sure to check him out as well as the fact that he is minting um and i believe a little over a day you can see a day and eight hours so more information.

About tommy hollandstein will be at the end of today's video uh with that being said definitely make sure to smash the like button for the youtube algorithm turn on post notifications subscribe and let's dive into today's episode so guys diving into today's video the fact that we're up six percent is pretty incredible the fact that bitcoin's up.

8.29 is incredible xrp is up 3.5 ethereum's up 6.4 uh we're really starting to see some pretty insane movements right now especially with bitcoin nobody expected bitcoin to see this rush in volume that we're seeing i'm just jumping onto here you can see i'm not really one to dive into this market just yet could we have bought in.

Yesterday and leverage to the upside sure is it a missed opportunity i don't think so we're in an uptrend here you can see it clear as day that this is a current uptrend that's bringing the prices higher i'd probably consider it to be more of like an ascending triangle the problem is there are still some major resistances we do have to battle.

Currently those rely on two key levels of resistance it's obviously the first one at about 41.8 you can see right here and then the next one is where this moving average is right here so there's two problem zones here you know ideally if we can close above this resistance here that'd be pretty incredible um but really what we're looking for is if we.

Can break through i'd say 40 right where this yellow band is is actually the next resistance regardless even if we're not near this it's mainly the moving average if we manage to get the prices to close us above these moving averages which should probably be closer to about forty four thousand dollars forty four four then yeah i would consider buying in for.

A long position the fact that we would break above these moving averages which we haven't been able to do in quite some time would be pretty incredible but ideally what we're looking at right now is it appears that maybe bitcoin has created some sort of bottom uh short term maybe but at 35k could be the bottom four bitcoin for the very uh.

Short term that we have right now you can see that we since bottomed off and we then started to create what appears to be higher lows which is pretty awesome it's pretty epic and if this continues to carry we should be able to use this up trend to slowly pump higher so there's a big chance how i'm seeing this is maybe we bounce again off the.

Moving average fall lower fill in the gap here and then hopefully we can pop through i'm not entirely sure but it does give us some certainty as to what's going on but ideally this now opens up finally we have something to trace and to track here that there's this yellow resistance here this is pretty much what we're dealing with you can see this is.

The resistance right where the moving averages and this is the uptrend here so what that means for us is the next buying opportunity would pretty much be when we managed to either break above either a this resistance here pretty much where the moving averages or b below our uptrend here so if we see prices in the next couple days on.

Bitcoin specifically break us through this moving average here and we start to trend a little bit higher closed at about 45k 45.7 this would say hey we managed to break bullish we're creating this higher low pattern and we're going to continue to move up and that would basically say time to buy in because there's a good chance we're going to.

Continue this you know scalability to the upside here vice versa if we fall back down again and let's say we close below here there's a good chance we're going to continue to dump here regardless we could even consider buying it if we don't and we actually close above just like this we may be able to buy in for a more aggressive approach.

But we may be able to buy in with anticipation of a swing to the upside here as we've now proven with three confirmations and that's what we were needing was three confirmations we only had two before this is the third that hey this is a solid support level that we're going to continue to use and this is going to lift the price of bitcoin up.

To the upside here as this is the moving average and this is going to act as a resistance so it basically creates its own you know symmetrical triangle here where hey we'll either consolidate inside of here and if we can break through the top will by and long if we break through the bottom will buy in for a short so it does open up a cool.

Pattern it's nice to see that we're finally bouncing off this very unexpected though as i wouldn't have expected to bounce off this bottom support here uh and seeing such a big eight percent candle wick to the upside here especially with the s p continuing to dump but who knows maybe today we'll start to see markets reverse back up.

Because cryptocurrency is starting to move back up you know i'm not entirely sure things are not yet over so we just have to spend close attention to these markets here xrp as well this is pretty much what my main focus would be on because we didn't miss out on what could be xrp's next round bitcoin yeah could.

We have you know played it more aggressive bought in here with expectations of it rising sure but with xrp we're a little more confident here so we'll see how today closes if we managed to close today much higher maybe at like 77 cents it's a good idea to buy in with expectations of a rise it's an educated guess it will continue to swing.

Up we haven't obviously broken through just yet but we're getting extremely close down to the wire we've been talking about this in pretty much every video that we've been making the past i'd say week that we've been tracking this major uh moving average here since we've been tracking this major symmetrical triangle here you can.

Clearly see we've been drawing it in continuously you can see right here uh yesterday we made this symmetrical triangle this was the point of breakout saying the flip is here uh two days ago we made a video we're about to moon for xrp and you can see we're turning inside the symmetrical triangle waiting for the pop to happen and here we are with.

Markets actually starting to swing to the upside here and obviously xrp is a little bit behind but there's a very big chance that we could be breaking out and starting to see the rally to the upside very soon so definitely keep your eyes peeled on xrp i mean if bitcoin just broke to the upside with extreme volume here and that's also something to be.

Said i wouldn't buy in just yet if you think you missed out on this run i'm not going to do that i just need to see the more confirmations and we need us to break above this moving average which we've continuously been rejected from on numerous occasions here and you know i just have this hunch that we're going to do the same exact thing reject off here.

And fall lower that could also open up a door say hey if we're going to play a little more aggressive when we do get rejected off that we'll short it with expectations down to 39k so that's a possibility but with xrp um we're not yet broken of this major symmetrical triangle so we might be able to do so in the next day.

Literally by today we might be able to have that answer we can either a close below where we started from which would be unfortunate but that means tomorrow we'll have our answer as to which direction we plan on moving but regardless if we manage to close today there's a good chance we might be able to buy in tonight to leverage to the.

Upside if we can close with enough volume above with the prices just high enough to assume that we're going to continue to head up obviously we'll be doing so on bit yard here as you can see they do have an xrp chart we've been tracking as well the ascending triangle or symmetrical triangle here specifically on xrp clear downtrend.

Right like that clear uptrend just like this and you can see how they're pretty much at the last point here we now have a decision to be made and hopefully we can get that answer by today if not tomorrow the latest here but once we can confirm closing either above or below this symmetrical triangle there will be a bunch of volume here which we can.

Easily track by just taking the uh you know the mouth of the opening here applying it to the top with expectations of seeing a pop all the way up to a dollar which would be pretty incredible because xrp has not been at a dollar in a very long time um if that happens obviously we'd put in a long position you literally go over to market type in.

The amount of leverage that you want just like this type in the amount you want to leverage on margin and then click buy long if we expect markets to pump or buy or short it if you expect markets to dump which we'll have a clear confirmation and answer to in the very near future probably in the next 24 hours here now with that being said you.

Can also earn free cryptocurrency by clicking mystery box here once you sign up with the link in the description as well as daily mind you can also trade around with a demo account which is super cool too so definitely make sure to check both of those out as i highly recommend checking them out they are the number one crypto leveraging exchange.

That i have been using for about two years now so super cool definitely check them out with that being said guys that's pretty much it for the cryptocurrencies in summary we expect to see an answer for xrp in the direction that we moved to with tons of volume backing it so that would open up an opportunity tonight or tomorrow to buy.

In and leverage long or buy in and short the markets ethereum here bounced off its bottom support seems a little bit more unstable here again i wouldn't buy into these i wouldn't buy into bitcoin just yet there's still some uncertainty here as to how we're going to react with the moving average uh just honestly it would not make sense to buy in at 41k.

With expectations of us hitting 44 and then getting rejected it's not uh it's not worth it and you can see we've been rejected three times in the past off this moving average it don't make sense as for why we didn't buy in here we only had two confirmations of this uptrend here so there was still a big chance we could break through it we were.

Waiting for some more certainty and lastly with the s p you can see we're pretty much at lowe's back at the same price we were in february here which is pretty insane to see that we're back now down here again and there's a big chance we'll create newer lows there's a big possibility of us seeing newer lows you can see this.

Was the uh this was january lows that we hit back in february here and then we had february lows that we hit currently in march here so there's a good chance we'll hit you know march lows in april again but there are some buying opportunities for march uh probably today if not the next couple of days here because i do believe that um we are.

Going to be moving lower just ideally i do believe we are going to be moving lower uh the thing is we are hitting oversold and what typically happens when the moving averages tend to hit oversold specifically in the s p is we see a pretty big volume spike i mean it's been consistent granted we haven't seen a lower movement in a very long time here.

But typically when we do become oversold we see a run oversold run it's a continuous pattern here we did just have a bearish cross which is a huge signal that we're going to continue to dump even across on the uh on the macd a bearish cross which is also a signal of more correction to come and we just started this that's why i have.

Expectations of 17 to 20. although this might be a small opportunity to buy into dollar cost average here if we become more oversold right around this time i am expecting to see a small recovery something like this to hit this top and then i do expect to see another dip something like this that's where my mind is because we're oversold small.

Correction now we're going to hit top resistance here because we've now left that and then we'll see that big correction which could go down to 4k um otherwise guys that's pretty much going to wrap up today's video i do want to talk a little bit more about tommy hollenstein with you i want to give a huge shout out to tommy hollandstein for.

Sponsoring today's episode as of all nft projects please do your own research and never invest anything you can't afford to lose so guys tommy hollenstein is an american found object artist and a master of fine abstract art a quadriplegic resulting from a bicycle accident in 1985 tommy is a highly respected artist who utilizes the tires.

Of his wheelchair as his paintbrush with his artistic ability to create his works now his artistry offers far more than an array of color as tommy offers a quality experience expanding your horizons and capabilities by virtue of the incredible man he is natalie is actually creating a 20 foot by 400 foot painting all done with his tires of his wheelchair that.

Will be cut into 10 000 pieces and turned into 10 000 nfts that will meant for 0.25 ethereum this allows the buyers to simultaneously relish both the digital and physical piece of each artwork as purchased now while the concept of combining physical digital artwork is itself not new tommy's endeavor is the largest known nft.

Project to date making it the first of its kind and this is an important distinction due to the rarity and complexity of performing such unique pieces of art now because tommy's also a holder in the board ape yacht club he is an ideal person to draw attention to the challenge that many people face because of his disabilities as well as the.

Opportunity for them to actually benefit from the movement towards decentralization and the creative economy in the web 3 realm now because web3 is less dependent on networks it empowers independent content creators who may actually not already have a large social media following but do have a compelling story and product now.

Another exciting layer of the nft production is the documentation of the process behind creating the art in particular wild and west is working with lot 1 productions to document the entire process to produce a documentary filled with interviews from his close friends including many celebrities and details of tommy's workflow every single person.

Interviewed assisted tommy in applying paint to the tires of his wheelchair to add special characteristics and those who interviewed him include ringo starr chris bauer james franco mike bauer and so many more now allocation of funds tommy plans on actually having three major applications of the funds first he will establish the tommy hollenstein.

Foundation a charity center around helping the disabled community and passing down the legacy of using the tires of the wheelchair as a paintbrush now second tommy will build the studio that is large enough to accommodate the requisite infrastructure for producing his artworks and by producing a sufficiently large space that is.

Equipped with the right tools tommy will be able to produce more art under better conditions without unnecessary limitations now that has been a major barrier to date for producing art tommy will also use his studio to mentor the newly injured providing new opportunities for him to train and engage others and third and lastly he.

Will donate 10 of the proceeds to the dream center known as dc in los angeles and tommy hollandstein's donation will go to continue supporting these activities with a special emphasis on empowering those with disabilities now tommy has been painting for nearly 32 years and rayleigh donates paintings and the proceeds of sales to multiple.

Charities and wild and west believes that tommy hollenstein's art will not only bring great joy to the art holders but also generate greater awareness behind the challenges people with disabilities face and serve as a novel use case for the incredible potential of nfts in the web 3 economy so guys for more information about tommy honstein's.

Nfts and mint date definitely make sure to check out the links in the description of today's video once again huge shout out to tommy hansny for sponsoring today's episode as always make sure to smash the like button for the youtube algorithm turn on post notifications subscribe and i'll see you in tomorrow's video peace.


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