Your guide to Delta Dental’s network options for group plans

Let’s talk about the Delta Dental PPO andDelta Dental Premier networks and how they make for an easier and moresatisfying experience for members. These two networks are the nation’slargest dental network. Nearly 8 out of 10 dentists nationwide belongto one of these two networks. What’s the difference between the two? For members, the difference will be in howmuch they save when they visit their dentist. Members who visit a PPO dentist will usuallysave the most. Visiting a Premier dentist will still givethem some savings compared to a non-Delta Dental Dentist, but they won’t save as muchas with a PPO dentist.

The Premier network also works a little differentlydepending on the type of plan members have. For example, if members have a PPO plan andthey visit a Premier dentist, they will be responsible for paying the differencebetween the PPO and Premier allowed fees plus any applicable deductible, plus their coinsurance cost. Because of the cost protections in place withthe Premier network, they’ll save more money than they would at a non-Delta Dental dentist. But they won’t save as much as if they hadgone to a PPO dentist. PPO Plus Premier plans offer the most savingsfor members who want to visit Premier dentists. With these plans, Delta Dental pays Premierdentists based on the higher Premier fee,.

Which means members pay only their coinsurancecosts, plus any applicable deductible. Members will have lower out-of-pocket costsat Premier dentists than at non-Delta Dental dentists. Whether members have PPO or PPO Plus Premier,with our networks, they will enjoy more cost protections, more dentists and a more satisfyingexperience. Let’s shine together.

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